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Dr. Serdar Savaş
Main Session Speaker

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A doctor born in Ankara in 1960, Dr. Serdar Savaş worked form 1983-1993 in the Turkish health sector, serving in the Adana Provincial Health Administration, the Ministry of Health Advisory Board, the Health Project General Coordinator and Assistant to the Advisor.

Savaş studied Health Policy Finance at the London School of Economics and the London School of Hygiene, and Law at Istanbul University. He makes projections about the future based on today's quickly changing social, economic and political developments.

He began his career in the World Health Organization in 1982, as Program Director for European Region Health Policies and Systems. In 1998, he was appointed Vice President for Europe and European Program Director.

Savaş describes his most important personal characteristic as being “project oriented.” Taking into account the important role which genetic science will play in public health in the next decade, he founded the Advanced Medical Technologies Company in 2001 to conduct projects in this area. In 2004, he established the Genar Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics Research Laboratory at Hacettepe University, which now serves as one of Europe's three Public Health Genomics Institutes.

Serdar Savaş is a scientist who conducts projects on health systems and medicine of the future, as well as nutrition, education systems and social and political structures.


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