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Enver Yücel

Education Designer

President of Bahçeşehir - Uğur Education Group

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Enver Yücel was born in 1957, in Giresun. He studied at Haydarpaşa Lisesi as a boarding student. He graduated from the Mathematics Department of Istanbul Atatürk Education Institute, which is known today as Marmara University, Faculty of Education.

Enver Yücel is the chairman of the Board of Trustees of Bahcesehir Uğur Eğitim Kurumları. With its student body of  more than 100.000,  Bahcesehir Uğur Eğitim Kurumları, which includes Uğur Dersaneleri, Bahcesehir Kolejleri, Bahcesehir Universitesi, Uğur Yayınları, and Uğur Kariyer Merkezi, set out a long journey of accomplishment in Laleli with a Private Preparatory Course having only 3 classrooms.

After having the experience of 120 branches of Private Preparatory Courses nationwide, Mr Yücel established Bahcesehir Koleji in 1994. Bahcesehir Koleji has soon  become a top quality educational institute. In 2003, Mr Yücel founded the Bursa Bahcesehir Koleji.

In 2006 Mr Enver Yücel founded Turkey’s one and only Science and Technology High School to train the scientists of the future. The top 500 students of the Middle School and High School Entrance Exam are accepted with full scholarship to this exclusive institution.

In order to provide the equal opportunity in education and top quality educational standards nationwide, Mr Enver Yücel established colleges in Kocaeli, Konya, and Antalya in 2006; in İstanbul-Florya, Burhaniye-Körfez, Uşak, Kastamonu, Van, and Alanya in 2007. He aims to establish as many as 50 colleges in 3 years time.

Having started his educational journey with Private Preparatory Courses, Mr Yücel has crowned his professional experience with Bahcesehir University. Bahcesehir University has already become one of the outstanding universities in Turkey by giving priority to internationalization of the institution through worldwide cooperation.

Enver Yücel founded Uğur Education in the USA to train the American youth for SAT(Scholastic Apptitude Test) in 2004, and thus paved the way to become a worldwide brand. This revolutionary step caused Turkish teachers to ‘get exported’ to other countries.

The USA Administration has wished Mr Enver Yücel to supply maths and science teachers for state high schools, and Mr Yücel has had Türkish maths and science teachers to be sent to the USA. Mr Yücel’s next move would be to spread his institutions in other states of America, in China, South Korea, Japan, and India.

Enver Yücel has initiated many projects in the development of Turkish education system as the Chairman of the Board of Private Educational Institutions Association.


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