High-school and University students, enter the 1st Futurists Summit Caricatur Contest! First prize: Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pa3553 Laptop computer; 2nd prize, iPod; 3rd prize, a digital movie camera...
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The Futurists Conference will change forever the way you think about the future!

The majority it trying to save the day,
and the future seems terrifying!
Various scenarios make people afraid of the future;
Negative expectations inhibit productive thought!

With so many reasons to be hopeful about the future,
don't mortgage the future; don't leave it to chance!

As an investor or businessman, how will you direct your venture?
As a worker, how will you direct the development of your life and career?
As a parent, how will you shape your child's future?
As a teacher, how will you determine what to teach?
If you are student, how will you choose your education and career?

This is your future...

How will businesses develop, where is their future?

  • Physical working models and living conditions
  • Communications, telecommunications, information technology
  • Financial relations, expenditures, savings, insurance habits and preferences
  • Buying/selling, commerce and distribution models
  • Transportation/vehicles, transport/stock/storage systems
  • Nutritional habits and possibilities
  • Health, diagnostics and treatment methods
  • Needs and trends in the area of clothing, style and textiles
  • New approaches to construction, changes in architectural design
  • Perception and need of recreation, sports, culture, arts.
  • Education models and methods
  • Up-and-coming, disappearing professions and fields of work
  • Human psycho-social evolution
  • Ecologic, technical and political conditions
  • Intergenerational relations

    Foresight: What’s Ahead?

    Find your answers at the Futurists Summit. Among those who will be there to shed light on the future are:

    Dr. Verne Wheelwright, creator of the “Personal Future Planning” method

    Dr. Serdar Savaş, who laid the foundations for a longer, healthier and more youthful future with personal gene analysis.

    Yelda Karataş
    , the “woman who breaks the molds” and interprets the future with her poems, experiences and education.

    and the Leonardo Da Vinci of our times,
    who has dedicated his life to redesigning the future, Jacque Fresco

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