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Ufuk Tarhan
Summit Designer

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A graduate of the Economics Department of Middle East Technical University, Ufuk Tarhan started working when she was stil a university student, serving as a hepler and reader for visually impaired students. She also painted and sold figures of children's heroes on glass, and held an exhibition.

Since 1982, she has served in high level management positions including general manager, vice president and BoD member in sectors such as water engines, information technology, telecommunications, agriculture and animal husbandry and drug distribution.

In 2002, she received the “Most Successful Woman in the Communications Sector” award from the newspaper “Dünya.” In 2006, she went on to found Turkey's first futurist company, M-GEN Future Planning Center.

M-GEN designs and conducts special projects in the area of personal and corporate strategic planning consultancy. It provides corporate and personal coaching and futures planning services to high-level individuals, or those who are preparing for such positions. One of a very few female seminar speakers in our country, Tarhan provides publishes articles through a variety of press organs and the internet; and provides education by means of online interviews and education portals.

She is the author “The Future of Your Dreams,” introduced as a bedside manual for 21st century youth and their parents.

Ms. Tarhan maintains a website, www.m-gen.biz. With a considerable membership, the site serves as a base for the publishing and sharing of information on futurism, foresight, the millennium generation and the future. Sharing fascinating information on future careers and pointing out the important issues on the horizon, M-GEN makes the claim that “in the future every individual and institution will be a futurist consultant,”

Also an ex member of the TUBİSAD Board of Directors, Tarhan is a prominent figure making important contributions toward the creation of an information technology sector in our country.

Ms. Tarhan presently serves on the Board of Directors of the Futurist Association (TFD), and is actively involved in several different NGOs.


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